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Discounted Subaru Parts is proud to carry Genuine Subaru parts & accessories

While it may be true that aftermarket components are less expensive and good quality, they can never match up to the guaranteed quality of Genuine Subaru Parts. Using the same rigorous standards as the parts used to assemble new Subarus at the factory, you can rest assured knowing your car will perform like new.

Genuine Subaru Parts are manufactured to the original specs, using the same materials and subjected to the same tests. This means that they fit and perform just like the original component, saving you the risk of costly repairs that could result from a substandard part. Aftermarket parts aren't required to meet Subaru's OE Specifications nor are they subject to Subaru's testing and inspections. So, there's no guarantee that aftermarket parts & accessories will have either the proper fit or performance.


Accuracy of Aftermarket Parts While Aftermarket parts may be cheaper, they aren't always accurate. Genuine Subaru Parts are made to Factory SpecificationGenuine Subaru parts are made to fit the right way, every time.
Subaru parts are designed to resist corrosion...genuine subaru parts are corrosion resistant Where aftermarket parts might skip that protection.cheaper parts might not be

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